Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday, November 28th - Hobo Stew

Today the fellowship met on the shore of the duck pond at the Yuma Conservation Garden for our annual "Hobo Stew Sunday." Each member of the fellowship was invited to bring some Thanksgiving left-overs to add to our communal stew pot as well as a reading to share. Fourteen of us proudly braved the breezy Sunday morning to share a meal and company with each other and the wide variety of ducks in the duck pond!

Two delicious pots were stewed up and the following readings were shared by fellowship members:

Walt Whitman - I saw in Louisiana a Live Oak Growing
Baxter Black - Rudolph's Night Off
Fran Fanning - The Desert is a Woman - no link :(
Luann Pfost - Oasis at Noon - no link :(
C. David Hay - Old Friends
Robert W. Service - The Cremation of Sam McGee
Mark Twain's Letter on Thanksgiving 1881 - no link :(

It was a fun outing and a good time for some of us to get acquainted with a wonderful little place in Yuma. Thanks very much to the good people at the Yuma Conservation Garden for hosting us.

Next week, Sunday December 5th, we will be back at the upstairs chapel of the First Presbyterian Church at 11:30am for a presentation by Mike Mayberry on Transition Culture. You can read more about his project at the Yuma Transition Initiative's blog.

On Sunday December 12th the fellowship will host a presentation by local PFLAG members.